Wellnes Center

Diamond Residence offers the Wellness Center , where you will find peace of mind and will be able to relax after a day of tedious and stressful . This center is located within a residential complex with 850m2 . In our center , we offer these services.

  • Therapeutic massage

    Diamond Residence offers the most professional staff to classic massage , sports massage and therapeutic massage through massage space which aimed relaxation and peace of mind.

  • Finnish sauna

    Saunas are planned space for your relaxation . Spaces are designed with a very wide capacity and can be used for individual or group sessions . Also , they are also provided to the dressing cubicles and shower booths.

  • Family sauna

    Family saunas are scheduled for complete relaxation group . Sauna space is big enough and within this grouping is expected to enter its sauna , Jacuzzi bathtubs , toilets and shower cabins.

  • Turkish bath

    Turkish bath offers warm space steam mixed with exotic spices for maximum mental relaxation as well as body and release toxins from the pores of the skin.

  • Solarium

    Salons are equipped with the most advanced technology for tanning skin safely based on the highest standards.

  • Swimming pool

    Pools occupy a space of 450m2 and what adds uniqueness is natural lighting from glass lantern . Pool is closed and is decorated with luxurious fountains that add to the elegance that . It is also envisaged that around the pool have rest and entertainment spaces so that residents find relaxation they need.